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Interested in studying at QTC, but simply can’t get to us in person?  QTC offers online study options taught by the same lecturers whose in-classroom teaching at QTC has been greatly appreciated by those studying with us in person. Our online units are a great choice for those in regional Queensland, and for Christians keen to get some training as they serve in their local churches.

In this mode you can complete one of our shorter ACT courses, such as the Diploma of Theology or Graduate Diploma of Divinity, or gain full credit for any studies completed online towards a longer course such as the Bachelor of Theology or Master of Divinity.

You can also combine our weekly or intensive units taught in person with your choice of units from our online offerings.  Units coming up include our introductory Old and New Testament units, Reformation Church History, Foundations of Systematic Theology, Principles of Interpretation, Christian Ethics, and a range of practical units.

Contact our Registrar to enrol or for more details:

Unit/s offered in Summer Semester 2020-2021:

OT001-512/712 Old Testament Foundations

Unit/s offered in Semester 1, 2021:

CH010-612/812 The Reformation in Europe & Britain

Unit/s offered in Semester 2, 2021:

BB008-506/706 Principles of Interpretation and TH022-506/706 Foundations of Systematic Theology

Unit/s offered in Summer Semester 2021-2022:

OT002-512/712 Old Testament Prophets & Writings

Teaching will occur through a mix of activities, to help you to enjoy your studies and remain focused throughout: for most units there will be some reading, some audio teaching conveniently broken up into small, easily digested sections, and some interactive activities. Assessments are designed to help you ground what you’ve learnt, while fitting into your life – for example, you won’t need to arrange to complete exams at set times or places.


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