Welcome from Gary Millar, Principal of QTC

We believe that QTC offers a world-class team of teachers.
Our lecturers are passionate about the gospel of the Lord Jesus, and want nothing more than to see people like you equipped for ministry in the local church, here and around the world. They are experts in their field and enthusiastic about the subjects they teach.

For us, studying theology or reading the bible can never be an end in itself. We do these things so that we might know God and serve Jesus Christ more effectively. We long to see the widest range of people possible equipped to serve the Lord Jesus Christ here in Queensland and beyond.

The QTC community is warm and supportive.
Our community is drawn from every part of society. We have students who’ve been studying for years and others who’ve never studied at a tertiary level before. Whether from trade backgrounds or academic careers, our students gather together to study the bible and to encourage one another in their understanding and application of God’s word.

The QTC global vision is focussed through the local church.
We’re passionate about seeing the gospel go to the four corners of the earth, and nothing excites us more than seeing our graduates take the gospel there. But we’re also passionate about local church ministry and we offer a huge range of options to see people equipped as local pastors, as local church members, and also those who serve in specific roles in church families across Queensland.

We invite you to be equipped at QTC.
For those who can, we’d love you to come and study full-time with us here for one, two or three years because we believe it’s the best and most effective way for you to be equipped for ministry. But we also realise that for many people that’s an impossibility, so we offer flexible options for study. You can study part-time and take advantage of our night classes or our online units. Increasingly we’re rolling out the opportunity to take some units in regional centres right across our state. And we offer various different academic levels of study, from PhD through to diplomas, all designed to equip you for different ministry responsibilities.

Whatever option you choose, we’d love to have you as part of the QTC family, and pray that in God’s mercy he will continue to work in our lives and equip us to serve our Lord Jesus Christ together.

What We Believe

Our supreme standard is the Word of God, namely the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Our position is Biblical, evangelical and Reformed; the Westminster Confession of Faith, as our doctrinal standard subordinate to Scripture, summarises the sense in which we understand the teaching of the Bible. Our usage of the Confession is in accordance with that of our parent denomination, the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

Our theological position compels us to work hard at training men and women who can obey, proclaim and apply the Word of God thoughtfully and effectively in our Queensland context and beyond. The Bible is a really practical book, calling us to live God’s way for God’s glory.

Our theological position also tells us that training for a lifetime of Christian ministry is best done in the context of a real Christian community. Pastors, teachers and evangelists do God’s work as members of the people of God. They serve Him to a great degree by serving His people, and serving alongside His people. That’s why all of our courses have to be taken in-person. That’s also why we expect our students to take an active part in community life. By spending time together as a college community, we can also sharpen, teach and encourage one another – as well as form friendships that can support a lifetime facing the challenges of ministry.