About QTC

Our Aim

QTC exists to equip people for a lifetime of serving the Lord Jesus Christ here in Queensland and far beyond. We're committed to providing a rich and stretching theological training, which faithfully applies the Word of God to the real world today. QTC is known for drawing deeply on the wealth of the tradition of Christian orthodoxy across the centuries, as well as constantly reflecting on how to do ministry (whether preaching, evangelism, church planting or cross-cultural mission) in the most biblical and effective way in Australia and beyond. QTC believes that excellence in learning, teaching, research, scholarship in theological education are vital to our mission. We seek to do all this as a real living Christian community, and as part of a wider Christian fellowship here in South-East Queensland. Theologically driven, Word-controlled, people-focused and totally practical; that's the QTC ideal.

Our History

QTC is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland (PCQ). As a college we have been training people to proclaim Christ in Queensland and beyond for well over a century, having existed in one form or another since 1876. Under God, we're here for the long haul. From 1912 onward, QTC, and its historical predecessors (the Presbyterian Theological Hall, the Reformed College of Ministries, and the Consortium of Reformed Colleges), were located within Emmanuel College, at the University of Queensland. In 2006 we changed our name to Queensland Theological College to reflect the fact that we're committed to equipping people from all kinds of denominational backgrounds for all kinds of Word-based ministry in the real world; throughout Queensland and around the globe. In 2017, as part of that vision, we moved to our new and central location on Boundary Street in Spring Hill.

QTC is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). The ACT is a self-accrediting national higher education provider. It operates as a consortium of independent affiliated college, and is the largest and oldest of such grouping of theological colleges in Australia. (ACTh CRICOS CODE 02650E)

Our Students

Our students are a hugely diverse group. Historically, the College was set up to train ministers for the Presbyterian Church in Queensland, and that remains a key part of our purpose. Today, however, our student body is made up of all kinds of people - both those who are seeking to be equipped for a lifetime of paid gospel-ministry and those who simply want to be equipped to serve Christ more effectively at home, in the workplace and as members of the local church. As a student at QTC, you can expect to study alongside people training full-time to be pastors (in a wide range of churches) or aiming to plant churches; those hoping to work cross-culturally in the long-term or seeking to be equipped for student ministry and women's ministry, as well as a whole range of people studying part-time (including in the evening, and also online) who simply want to be better equipped to serve Jesus where they are in the years ahead.