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Bachelor of Ministry: 3 Years

QTC’s main three-year qualifications are the BTh and the MDiv.  However for a small number of students, the BMin may be a more suitable course.  The BMin is designed for those who wish to undertake a full three year course of theological training, but whose intented future ministry roles do not require quite as much advanced study of the Bible in its original languages, theology and church history as is offered through the BTh.  BMin students may instead take additional subjects in other areas, such as children’s and youth ministry or pastoral care.  We would not regard the BMin as suitable preparation to lead a church or ministry team, however it could be a good option for those wishing to work full-time in various associate roles in local churches, with missionary organizations, or in various para-church contexts.

Eligibility and Financial Support:

Open as a first degree to persons who have achieved an OP of at least 14 or its local or overseas equivalent. Consideration will be given to other factors such as practical experience, maturity and motivation, and the likelihood of satisfactory completion of the academic requirements of the course.  Provisional mature age entry is available for candidates over the age of 21.

Except for those candidates who have a tertiary qualification taught in English or who have completed year 12 in English, overseas candidates whose first language is not English will be required to sit an IELTS test. For candidates wishing to enrol in the BMin degrees, an overall band score of 6.5 is required with no module score under 6.5.

The BMin is accredited within Australia as an award of the Australian College of Theology, of which QTC is a member institution along with around 20 colleges nationally. As such, it is a recognised course for the purposes of Fee-Help, Austudy, Youth Allowance (provided you meet the government’s eligibility requirements), and for Overseas Students (ACT CRICOS provider number is 02650E). Current fee levels for units in the BMin can be found here.

Full details of the ACT course, including admission requirements, can be found here.

Course Structure

The BMin is ideally taken as a three-year full-time course. This is the minimum time of candidature without advanced standing. The maximum time for candidature is nine years. You may study full-time or part-time, however part-time students may miss out on some of the benefits of studying in community and QTC’s integrated approach to its subject offerings.

Students enrolled in the BMin and interested in Youth and Children’s Ministry follow one of our pathways for ministry, the details of which can be found here.

Each unit is worth 12 credit points, except for two 6 credit point units studied in first year.

At QTC, all students must complete 288 credit points (24 units) including:

  • Old Testament Introduction—24 cps, OT001-512, OT002-512
  • New Testament Introduction—24 cps, NT001-512, NT002-512
  • Church History—24 cps, which must include CH006-512
  • Theology— 36 cps from TH101-612, TH028-712, TH103-612 and TH027-712
  • Minimum of 16 cps in Old and New Testament exegesis
  • Minimum of 24 cps in Ministry and Practice, with a minimum of 4 cps from at least two different fields (EM, PC, DM)
  • Principles of Systematic Theology – 6 cps, TH025-606
  • Expository Preaching in Practice – 6 cps, PC127-606

Prerequisites apply to some units:

  • To enrol in any of the OT or NT units listed in second or third year, you need to have already completed the First Year OT or NT unit which covers the same part of the Bible (e.g. to enrol in Pentateuch, you must have first completed OT001-512).  To study any of these units with respect to the Greek or Hebrew Bible, you must also have passed LA006-612 or LA004-612 (as appropriate).
  • You must have passed two of the OT and/or NT units listed in first year, plus CH006-512, before you can enrol in TH101-612, TH028-712, TH103-612 or TH027-712
  • Prerequisites also apply to Projects, field work and study tours – please contact the Registrar for details.

No more than 144 cps of foundational level units can be counted in a student’s course of study.

QTC offers a wide range of electives in practical ministry which you can choose from to access the training you need to your ministry.

Your next step?

Contact the QTC Registrar for more information or to apply.

QTC is an affiliated college of the Australian College of TheologyThe CRICOS code for the ACT’s Bachelor of Ministry is 054670D.