CCEF Biblical Counselling Program

QTC is not offering the CCEF partnership program in 2021. Please register directly with CCEF at if you wish to study these certificates. We will advertise via our Facebook account when we have more information about recommencing our partnership program.

Since 2014 QTC has offered courses in Biblical Counselling run in partnership with Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) in Philadelphia.

What kind of qualifications can I get through CCEF@ QTC?

The CCEF School of Biblical Counselling awards three different certificates:

  • Foundations of Biblical Counselling (five modules – see list below)
  • Topics in Biblical Counselling (four modules)
  • Counselling Skills and Practice (three modules
    The completion of the Foundations of Biblical Counselling certificate is a pre-requisite to enrol in the Topics in Biblical Counselling or Counselling Skills and Practice certificates.

Whilst you will be a student and receive face-to-face tutoring at Queensland Theological College, the certificate you receive will not be from either QTC or our accrediting body, the Australian College of Theology, but rather from CCEF, as they provide the material studied.

CCEF is not a professional certification body. If you wish to refer to yourself as a “certified counsellor” or “certified biblical counsellor,” you should pursue certification through a professional counselling organization that provides certification.  Some organizations will accept CCEF modules as part of their training requirement. Licensure as a professional counsellor is offered through state agencies and typically requires a graduate degree from an accredited institution.

Credit towards one Australian College of Theology Ministry and Practice unit (PC405/605 Principles of Christian Counselling) may be gained by completing the Dynamics of Biblical Change and the Helping Relationships Modules.   This may be beneficial if you are studying an ACT accredited degree through QTC or wish to undertake further study at QTC after or during your CCEF course.

How will the CCEF certificate courses and modules work?

Currently you can complete the 5 modules which make up the Foundations of Biblical Counselling Certificate. These modules are:

  • Dynamics of Biblical Change (3 credit points)
  • Counselling in the Local Church (2 credit points)
  • Helping Relationships (3 credit points)
  • Biblical Interpretation (2 credit points)
  • Human Personality (3 credit points)

The modules are offered every term.  There are three terms per calendar year.  First term runs from January-April,  the second term May-August, and the third September-December. Each student is able to access the ‘online classroom’ during this period, and then will attend a 2-day intensive at QTC towards the beginning of the Module. We are delighted that these face-to-face intensives will be run by one of our part-time lecturers, Dr. Carolyn Russell.

All new students will start with the Dynamics of Biblical Change module, while continuing students will complete the Biblical Interpretation, Counselling in the Local Church, Helping Relationships, and Human Personality modules as offered within the CCEF Philadelphia Timetable.

When are the intensives?

Please register your interest for updates

How do I apply?

The first step is simply to request an application form from our Assistant Registrar.

As part of the application process, we will be seeking a strong recommendation from your church leadership that your studying with us would be of significant and immediate benefit to the local church, and that they are committed to providing opportunities for you to serve in this way,

How much will it cost?

Three credit point modules will cost $880 and two credit point modules will cost $600.  This will cover all CCEF and QTC Fees, including fees for the face-to-face intensive. Textbooks will not be included, but you will have access to the QTC library. In addition, those travelling from outside SE Queensland for intensives will need to factor in travel and accommodation costs.

Can Fee-Help be applied to CCEF modules?

Unfortunately, Fee-Help cannot be applied to these modules. All payments will be due by the 15th of the month before the module commences.