By Christopher Meadows

This recent tour (November – December 2019) could be described with words such as: amazing, wonderful, enjoyable, fascinating, or awesome. A thesaurus may provide more descriptive terms. All of these descriptors (and more) would be accurate. But perhaps the best way in which to describe the outcomes of the tour would be to say that all of its experiences helped participants to better understand God’s plan for the salvation of his people by visiting the locations of many of the scenes which take place in redemptive history. Our journey was designed to help us know God better, love him more and follow him ever more closely. Prior briefings and on-site commentary from our tour leaders (Wes Redgen and Gary Millar) focused clearly on the relevant biblical texts, so we understood the significance of each location in the history of redemption. Each day started with an exposition of scripture (by QTC students and others) and prayer which helped us focus on the sites we would visit that day. Most days featured an end of day time of reflection together and preparation for the next day. This was of immense value.

So, yes the tour was for study purposes. But the tour was highly enjoyable. We started and finished in Jordan, with most time spent in Israel, where we stayed in two places (Tiberius and Jerusalem) as our bases. This worked well. Our local tour guides were knowledgeable, helpful and very accommodating. The arrangements made for participants were well planned. The accommodation and food were of a high standard. We felt safe for the entire trip. The weather was mild for most of the time.

Every place we visited had its highlights. On our first day, we surveyed the the plains of Moab from the heights of Mt Nebo  (in Jordan). We were reminded of the early stages of God’s plan to save a people for himself by taking them out of Egypt to the land he promised to give them, so they could receive his blessing and by faith participate in his salvation. Sites after this helped us better understand the progress of God’s plan through history, climaxing in redemption through the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our tour finished in Jordan with a visit to one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world. We saw how Jerash was a place filled with idols and temples of pagan worship. But we were reminded that it was to cities just like this one, that the good news about our Lord Jesus was taken by the Apostles and early Christians and how that good news was powerful in bringing many people to faith in our risen Saviour.

So was the tour worthwhile? Yes it was.

Would I recommend it? Definitely!  For those who are QTC students and those who are not. Thanks are due to all those who planned and ran this amazing tour to provide all participants with a fantastic time.

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