QTC Women exists to help all women associated with college – staff, staff wives, students, student wives, graduates, graduate wives and women who attend college events – to have a sense of belonging to QTC. We want to look for opportunities to encourage each other to keep going and keep growing until we see Jesus face to face. Our expectation is that God can and will use us in each other’s lives in a gospel-shaped way.

Coming Up:

  • QTC Women Student Wives Evening – Monday 17th June, 2019: 7:00pm at QTC.
  • Praying with People in Crisis – Thursday 18th July
  • GROW Women’s Conference (not run by QTC Women) – Saturday 17th August qcca.org.au/grow
  • Semester 1 of 2020 – Ministry to Women Course

If you’re keen (and happen to have a child-free day!) you’re more than welcome to attend college chapel services at 9.30am each Tuesday of semester, in the QTC auditorium at Spring Hill. Next semester Gary is preaching through Numbers and Lamentations.

You can contact QTC Women at women@qtc.edu.au.