QTC Women exists to help all women associated with college – staff, staff wives, students, student wives, graduates, graduate wives and women who attend college events – to have a sense of belonging to QTC. We want to look for opportunities to encourage each other to keep going and keep growing until we see Jesus face to face. Our expectation is that God can and will use us in each other’s lives in a gospel-shaped way.

We long for God’s Word to shape our lives, conversations and prayers.  We recognise that reading the Bible with another woman is a key way to nurture this. And prayer is a vital expression of our utter need of God and dependence on one another. We want to grow together as we pray biblically for one another.

Everything that we do will be shaped by the QTC ethos: bible-centred, gospel-driven, mission-minded. What we believe determines how we live, so we want everything we do to be theologically driven. We want to help women to think in terms of God’s agenda rather our own personal needs.

Below are a few ways you can choose to be involved in the coming weeks. We’d love you to join us if you are free, but there’s no pressure.

  1. One-to-One Bible reading:  As in past years, QTC Women is offering the opportunity for you to be paired with another QTC woman to read the Bible together. You tell us where and when you might be free, and we’ll try to match you with someone with similar details. We’ll provide suggestions for reading and discussion. It’s then up to your pair to arrange the specifics. You can meet as often as you like, for as long as you like. It’s completely up to you! This is a great opportunity for mutual encouragement over God’s word. If you’d like to be involved, please fill out this form by Friday the 2nd of March. We’ll be in touch shortly after to let you know who your new reading partner is. (If you’ve already signed up for this semester, there’s no need to give us your preferences again!)
  2. Iron Sharpens Iron:  Iron Sharpens Iron is an evangelistic preaching group where we listen to and discuss talks prepared by members of the group. We encourage one another to be biblically faithful, culturally engaging and relationally sensitive as we seek to share the urgent message of Jesus with women who do not yet know him. Our next meeting is on Monday the 19th of March at 7pm in the QTC Board Room. All are welcome!
  3. Student wives: Student wives are invited to get together on Monday the 23rd of April at 7pm at QTC. The theme of the evening will be “People’s Expectations of the Pastor’s Wife – living to please God when you feel pulled in so many directions.”  It’ll be an interactive evening with Bible teaching, a panel of pastors wives who will answer questions and small group discussion.


If you’re keen (and happen to have a child-free day!) you’re more than welcome to attend college chapel services at 9.30am each Tuesday of semester, in the QTC auditorium at Spring Hill. This semester Gary is preaching through 2 Corinthians.


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