QTC Women exists to help all women associated with college – staff, staff wives, students, student wives, graduates, graduate wives and women who attend college events – to have a sense of belonging to QTC. We want to look for opportunities to encourage each other to keep going and keep growing until we see Jesus face to face. Our expectation is that God can and will use us in each other’s lives in a gospel-shaped way.

We long for God’s Word to shape our lives, conversations and prayers.  We recognise that reading the Bible with another woman is a key way to nurture this. And prayer is a vital expression of our utter need of God and dependence on one another. We want to grow together as we pray biblically for one another.

Everything that we do will be shaped by the QTC ethos: bible-centred, gospel-driven, mission-minded. What we believe determines how we live, so we want everything we do to be theologically driven. We want to help women to think in terms of God’s agenda rather our own personal needs.

All QTC women are encouraged to sign up to being involved in Bible Reading Pairs and Prayer Squares.

When you sign up for being part of a Bible reading pair, you will be connected with another QTC woman with whom you can meet to read the bible for the remainder of this term and term two. If you live a distance away from the QTC woman you are connected with perhaps you could read together via Skype!  In 2017, we’ll be starting our reading in the gospel of John. If you would like to sign up, but aren’t available at the moment, there will also be opportunities to join in later in the year.

When you sign up for being part of a prayer square for 2017, you will be connected via email with three other QTC women.  We will particularly encourage you to pray using God’s Word. Periodically, all those involved in prayer squares will receive an email written by a QTC woman, sharing how she has used scripture to shape her prayers.


If you’re keen (and happen to have a child-free day!) you’re more than welcome to attend college chapel services at 9.30am each Tuesday of semester, in the QTC auditorium at Spring Hill. This term Gary is preaching through 1 Thessalonians.

On the 8th of September, the day before the GROW Women’s Conference, QTC Women will be hosting a teaching day for those involved in Word ministry to women who want to dig deeper into the Bible. This year we are thrilled to have Clare Deeves, a fantastic Bible teacher from Trinity College, Perth, unpack Malachi for us.

QTC often runs ministry training events and study intensives at which QTC women are warmly welcomed.  Information about these will be emailed closer to each event.

This year we are again delighted to support the Brisbane Ministry Wives Network. The BMWN team run events in which ministry wives can enjoy fellowship, offer each other support and pray and reflect on important topics for those in this role. The first session for the year is on Sexuality and Gender later this week. If you are the wife of a minister or student minister, you can contact BMWN at http://bmwn.qcca.org.au/.


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