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The 13 minute video below gives a detailed brief of our situation.

  • "QTC is by far the strongest theological training college of its kind in Queensland, and one of the strongest in Australia. Money devoted to its strengthening and growth is well invested."

    Don Carson
    Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical School
    Cofounder and Theologian-At-Large, The Gospel Coalition

  • "QTC has an incredibly valuable part to play in the advance of biblical gospel ministry in Australia and further abroad. The preparation of the next generation of Christian leaders must be our priority for the health and growth of the churches. Please support this strategic initiative.”

    Mark Thompson
    Principal, Moore Theological College, Sydney

  • "In a day when so many voices and pressures in our world seek to diminish the church or divert the church from its mission, we need theologically trained leaders more than ever. I thank God for the solid training in the scriptures provided by Queensland Theological College and pray for its continued impact throughout Australia and the world for years to come.”

    Nancy Guthrie
    Author and Bible Teacher

  • "Establishing QTC in its own facilities is perhaps the most obvious strategic investment for the sake of the gospel in this country. Any money given will establish a secure base for this critical work, and then repay itself 100 times over in gospel impact for generations to come. This work is a multiplier, a generational multiplier. All of us need this work to thrive. Give!”

    Andrew Heard
    Senior Pastor, EV Church, NSW
    Chair, Reach Australia

  • "It is now 15 years since I became personally acquainted with QTC. Over that time I have seen it become a strategic link in the chain of gospel ministry in Brisbane and beyond. Through its faithfulness to the Bible as the word of God and a commitment to rigorous yet warmly devotional teaching, it has earned a deserved reputation as a place where students will receive a well-rounded, conservative theological education. It has been a joy for me to mentor students training at QTC, and see firsthand God working in demonstrable ways as this training bears fruit in their lives and ministries.”

    Murray Lean
    Emeritus Pastor of City North Baptist Church

  • "It’s hard to imagine a better eternal investment than training the next generation of Christ-like men and women for gospel saturated ministries. QTC is such an investment.”

    Richard Chin
    National Director, Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students

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