We long to see the gospel go to the four corners of the earth, starting here. We want every minute spent at QTC to equip you for a lifetime of serving. We believe that any of our courses provide a rigorous and biblical grounding for a lifetime of gospel work. In addition, we’ve designed Pathways that are a recommended guide for students in their journey, from commencing study to graduating to be equipped as a gospel-driven leader for the challenging road that lies ahead.

QTC provides a mentoring program, known as the Mission Pathway. This is designed for students who know they are preparing for cross-cultural mission work, or students who are exploring the possibility of cross-cultural mission work. You do not need to be signed up to a mission society to begin the journey. We are aware that many students are just beginning their journey in exploring the possibility of cross-cultural mission.

As a student on the Mission Pathway, you will be assigned a mentor with whom you will meet four times per year to be guided through your journey of preparation for cross-cultural mission. The Mission Pathway is not an assessment to be completed. There is no pass or fail, nor are there any fees. It is an opportunity for you to assess your own suitability for cross-cultural ministry and develop your readiness for working in God’s kingdom in this manner.

The goal of theological education is to shape the whole person (head, heart and will) for ministry. The foundation for all ministries is a solid grounding in God’s word. The Mission Pathway is a suggested set of steps designed to guide you through a journey from commencing as a QTC student to graduating further down the road, better prepared to serve in cross-cultural mission. QTC is aware that the primary responsibility for mission lies with the local church. In our context in Australia this often happens through a partnership with a mission organisation.

As a training institution trusted by local churches and mission organisations to train students for mission, QTC takes seriously its duty to play its part in this process. The QTC Mission Pathway is designed to train you for a life of mission in two ways. The formal QTC input is designed to develop your theology and philosophy of mission. The mentoring aspect of the Mission Pathway is designed for your holistic development. QTC also aims to act as a catalyst to coordinate partnerships for you with your local church and mission organisation.

For more information, or to apply to join the Mission Pathway, please complete this Application Form and contact Sam McGeown.

We are committed to producing generations of men who are pastor-theologians to teach and lead the church here in Queensland and beyond. That’s why we set the bar high for those who want to be pastors, and insist that they steep themselves in the core theological disciplines in a way that will set them up for a lifetime of serving Christ and His church. We want to do everything we can to ensure theological college is a time when our students grow in the knowledge of God in Christ, and also in their ability to preach Christ clearly, faithfully and engagingly. For this reason, alongside formal study, we expect every trainee pastor to b part of our preaching training programme from day one, and to have regular sessions with staff monitoring their growth in character, convictions and competency.

We are the training college of the Presbyterian Church in Queensland, but alongside candidates for Presbyterian Ministry, we also have those training to be pastors in Baptist, Anglican, FIEC and other independent churches, as well as future AFES workers. We also work closely with church planting networks like Geneva Push and Acts 29.

Our Women’s Ministry Pathway is designed to equip women for a lifetime of effective, biblical ministry serving Christ by serving his church. As well as providing a mentor who is experienced in ministry to women, we will give you every opportunity to sharpen your skills in Bible teaching, evangelism and pastoral care, in conjunction with the richness of our core theological training.

We also run M2W for women in local churches where the focus is on understanding, teaching and applying the gospel of Jesus to ourselves and to other women in the context of one-to-one relationships, small groups and evangelism to women.

As well as specific pathways for Youth or Children’s Ministry, we can also tailor our courses for anyone who would like to better serve in their church.

There are, of course, plenty of people who aren’t quite sure what the future will hold for them, beyond the fact that they would love to be able to serve Christ more effectively. So whether you are still figuring out what to do down the track, or are simply taking a year out to study in the evening or online, we’re still committed to helping you grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.