Evening Classes

At QTC we want to make it possible for those in full-time work to pursue their passion for ministry and theology. That's why we offer evening classes.

Evening classes take place on Monday evenings, from 6:00pm - 9:00pm.

By taking evening classes, you can complete one of our shorter ACT courses, such as the Diploma of Theology or Graduate Diploma of Divinity, or gain full credit towards a longer course such as the Bachelor of Theology or Master of Divinity.

You can also combine evening classes with units offered during the day to suit your schedule. Units coming up include our introductory Old and New Testament units, Reformation Church History, Foundations of Systematic Theology, Principles of Interpretation, Christian Ethics, and a range of practical units.

Contact our Registrar to enrol, or for more information, at registrar@qtc.edu.au.

Unit/s offered in Semester 1, 2023:

BB008-506/806 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
TH025-606/806 Principles of Systematic Theology

Unit/s offered in Semester 2, 2023:

CH006-512/812 The Reformation