QTC study tour of biblical sites of Greece & Turkey

Join us as we tour archaeological sites of the New Testament and other significant sites relevant to understanding their world and culture. The focus of the tour is to place the events and teaching of the New Testament in their historical and cultural context. As you stand in their world, where the stories happened, prepare yourself for the regular experience of saying, “Ahh, now I see why …” You can see a million photos and YouTube clips, but nothing opens your eyes like seeing it for yourself.

The next tour will happen on 26th Nov – 12th Dec 2017. The tour can be enjoyed either as a student studying for credit toward your degree, or you can join the tour for your spiritual benefit without completing any of the study requirements.

Click here for a brochure that outlines the itinerary and includes details of costs.

Escorted by Rev Dr Wesley Redgen
(QTC Specialist in NT and the
1st Century Graeco-Roman World)


If you wish to know more, phone Wesley Redgen 0423 962 892.

We are also running three information meetings for those interested prior to the deposit date. These are designed to help you decide whether or not you wish to join the tour. A day time meeting for full time QTC students will be at lunch time on 1st March 2017. For those who are not QTC students you may wish to attend on either Thursday 16th February or 23rd March. These will be held at QTC, 369 Boundary Street, Springhill, at 7:00pm. On-street parking should be available at that time of night.

To register interest phone Wesley on 0423 962 892 or email wredgen@qtc.edu.au

To join the tour you must first complete an application form. You can obtain the form by clicking here or emailing bhoadley@qtc.edu.au. After completing the form, please submit it by post to 369 Boundary Street, SPRING HILL QLD 4000 or send to bhoadley@qtc.edu.au.

Deposits to secure a place are due 31st March 2017. The balance of payment will be due at a time yet to be advised.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to include Istanbul on this tour as DFAT continues to advise against this. However, should you personally wish to visit Istanbul (or Gallipoli) after the tour, an additional package can be arranged through our tour agents, Olive Tree Travel. Please be assured we have a long term working relationship with reputable local Turkish operators who are well connected and maintain high safety standards.