Master of Arts (Theology)

The MA in Theology is aimed at those who are serving in Christian ministry having already completed theological training, and who want to further develop their knowledge and skills while they continue in ministry. Our MA units are a great way for pastors and ministry workers to be encouraged and participate in some professional development, and often also to help with preparation for future sermon series.

See the Current MA Units page for upcoming units.

The course comprises eight subject units, and is normally taken part-time.  Students may take up to six years to complete the degree, up to four years for those who already possess a relevant Masters or Honours degree in theology or ministry.  There are no core subjects for the MA (Theology), however at least 50% of the degree (4 units) must be taken in the fields of New Testament, Old Testament, Theology, Church History and Philosophy/Ethics.  At least one unit must be taken as a Project: either 8000 words, or 14,000-16,000 words (equivalent to two units).  The majority of the units offered at QTC relate to particular books of the OT and NT, usually with a focus on preaching these as a series at church or elsewhere.  Most units are taught as intensives, with some pre-reading required beforehand.  Depending on the unit, assessment will be by a combination of essays, sermon scripts, group-seminar papers, and/or book reviews, totalling approximately 7,000 words per unit.

The MA (Theology) is an accredited course of the Australian College of Theology, like the other accredited awards offered at QTC.  As such, it is a recognized course for the purpose of Fee-Help to pay for all or part of the fees for the MA (provided you meet the government’s eligibility requirements), and for Overseas Students (ACT CRICOS provider number is 02650E).  Fee-Help application forms and information booklets are available through the QTC office.  Fees payable for the current year are available here.  For credit students, a $250 discount on the fee is available to those based more than 200kms from Brisbane, and within Queensland, northern NSW or the Northern Territory.  Students need to have previously completed the equivalent of at least three years full-time theological study previously, such as a BTh, MDiv, BD, BMin or equivalent.

Three MA units are normally offered each year by QTC.  On average two units a year will be taught by experienced visiting scholars from overseas or interstate, and others by the full-time QTC Faculty.

Credit for MA units is fully portable across all of the member colleges of the ACT.  It may be possible to receive credit for up to two units studied at MA level at a non-ACT college.

For more information about enrolling in the MA at QTC email our registrar.

QTC is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology. The CRICOS code for the ACT’s Master of Arts (Theology) is 054703M