1. You will be taught the Bible

At QTC you will be taught the Bible thoroughly and faithfully because we believe God’s Word is what changes people and we want to get it right.

2. You will be equipped for ministry and mission

Academic, pastor, chaplain, women’s ministry worker, youth worker, or cross-cultural missionary - whatever the role, QTC will prepare you to teach the Bible well in that context.

3. You will be encouraged and challenged as a member of our close community

At QTC you won’t just come and have your head filled with knowledge. You will grow in godliness, and be challenged to serve God wholeheartedly in your local church, and around the world.

4. You will have access to excellent teaching

With post-graduate qualifications across all key areas of theological study, plus many years of pastoral experience, our lecturers will give you great academic training alongside great practical application. Each year QTC also hosts gifted pastors and academics from around the world including John Piper and Don Carson.

5. You will be taught to think theologically

In lectures QTC students are encouraged to grapple with God’s word, to consider how history has shaped us, and to think critically about how to teach the Word so as to engage others with the gospel.

6. You will be in the heart of the city

QTC is conveniently located at 369 Boundary Street, Spring Hill; which is within 1km of the Brisbane CBD. This means there are many transport options and only a 15 minute stroll from Central Train Station. It also means that there are plenty of nearby shops, cafes, and parklands.

We know that the decision to study can have multiple difficult variables. Hear some of our students talk through their process on deciding to commit to theological study for the sake of the long run.

Principal's Welcome

Welcome from Gary Millar

We believe that QTC offers a world-class team of teachers. Our lecturers are passionate about the gospel of the Lord Jesus, and want nothing more than to see people like you equipped for ministry in the local church, here and around the world. They are experts in their field and enthusiastic about the subjects they teach.

For us, studying theology or reading the bible can never be an end in itself. We do these things so that we might know God and serve Jesus Christ more effectively.

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